Hello! My name is Baxter and I am from the United States. I love Kobe very much, and look forward to introducing it to you!


I was born and raised in Arima, Kobe! From the point of view of the youth, I will share the charms of Kobe City to people all over Japan and the world. 

Hobby: Hiking

Language: Japanese and English

Riki Murayama

I was born in Kyushu and raised in Kobe. Speak only Kobe dialect and occasionally New Zealand English.


Josh has been living in Japan for 15 years. It took him 5 years to find his way to Kobe, but since then he's called it his home. Find him with a beer in hand somewhere in Kobe, in the mountains hiking, or taking a nap on his sofa (just don't wake him, he needs his beauty sleep).


Thank you for coming our website.
I moved to Kobe last summer. Kobe has good people, nature, food, history,  culture and more.
 I like to show you around the Kobe's nice places. 

Hiro Ishikawa

Hi my name is Hiro Ishikawa I would like to introduce a night life of Japanese business man , let’s enjoy IZAKAYA together.

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