Japanese Lantern Workshop

Floor lamp (Akarine) workshop made with Japanese paper and time to enjoy sake (if you wish

  • 2 時間
  • 6,800円
  • Hyogo, Kobe, Chūō-ku, Sakaguchidōri, 6-chōme−3−16


Experience making a Japanese floor lamp. A Japanese paper of various types and colors is attached to a frame made of dried natural rattan that has been dried for half a year to make an original floor lamp. Participation is from 1 person up to 3 people. You can take it home with you. In addition, after the production of lighting sound, we have set up a talkative time for drinking alcohol in a space surrounded by the lighting sound that has been produced for about 30 minutes. "Meeting" is free for those who have experienced it. 17:00 Hankyu Kasuganodo Station ticket gate set 17:15 We arrived at the atelier Nakano 17:20 Pre-explanation ・ Production start of light sound start 18:20 Production end 18:30 Gathering time ※ If you are not participating in the gathering end here 19:00 End Fixed number: 3 people Participation fee: 6,500 yen to 10,000 yen (depending on the size of the lighting sound) Participation fee includes: Guide fee, material fee, premium Organized by: Kobe · Motomachi Inbound Association × Atelier Nakano


+ 080-5331-1587


日本、兵庫県神戸市中央区雲井通5丁目3−1 サンパル6F WalkKOBE事務局オフィス